Why TravelToro?

TravelToro.com is an incredibly comprehensive website to fill your life with exciting and fun experiences.

You can find and book over 15,000 sightseeing tours, outdoor activities, adventure and volunteering trips from 188 countries We are proud to say TravelToro has the most diverse selection of guided travel experiences onlne. 

We remove a hassle of looking for guided travel experiences.

You want to explore the world and try new experiences at your own pace in a time and cost efficient manner, we have all the options for you. You can book a multi-day trip, or a day tour, or a half-day tour, or a 10 minute experience. Options are nearly limitless. It’s really up to you. You will definitely realize how much time it saves whether you are arranging your travel or looking for having some fun near your location since everything you need is available and well organized on one site.

We’ve already done all research for you.

Internet makes your life easier, you can find exactly what you want within seconds. This is simply a question of a search request formulation. But, what if you feel like trying something new, something you might never even heard about? How would you formulate that search request? TravelToro will help you find such new experiences and activities so you can fully realize how diverse our planet is and how exciting your life might be.

We want to help you make your dreams come true.

Travel is great. Travel fights stress. So many people refer to their travel experiences as life-changing, meaningful, profound. We really want it to happen to you too. There’s definitely something for you and for anyone else on TravelToro. Whether you are seeking an adrenaline filled adventure, or willing to volunteer to make a difference in this world, or just looking for any other safe but still active and interesting experience, we got it. Whatever your travel desires are, we got it covered.

We choose only reputable partners.

We carefully select our partners to make sure that they provide you with well-organized, safe (okay, fine, relatively safe in some cases), and, of course, unforgettable experiences.

You get the best deals.

To make sure you get the best deals, anything you can find on the site is provided via various affiliate programs, which means TravelToro doesn't sell it to you, you buy it directly from an original tour operator. There are no middleman fees or mark-up. You get the best deal. Period.?

We care about our personal reputation.

We don’t try to hide behind the “Contact Us” form. We put our real names and our real travel photos at the Team page. If you’re not happy with our website you can to use them for darts. But, before doing that, let’s us know what the problem is and we will fix it.

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