- OK, so what is this all about?

We aggregate guided tours and other travel experiences from the world’s top tour operators, remove all duplicate experiences, and, finally, catalog all experiences in a standardized manner so a visitor can easily find what he/she wants. In other words, we remove a hassle of looking for guided travel experiences all over Internet. You can browse over 15,000 hand-picked travel experiences all over the world from reputable providers and then contact providers directly for bookings.

- What is the difference between Extreme Activities and Sightseeing tours?

Extreme tours are extreme sports and activities based experiences that require certain, usually above average,  they normally last from 10-20 minutes to several hours and, very often, have a set location away from the major cities. Sightseeing tours usually require only a minimal physical effort, last a few hours or a few days in some cases, and, usually, take place in major cities.


- Do I have to provide such sensitive information as my address, phone number, or credit card information?

NEVER! We mean it. 

- What if I want to buy some tours? Then, I will have to, correct?

- No, incorrect. TravelToro doesn't sell you anything. Whatever you can buy is being sold to you by one of many tour operators we have an affiliate agreement with. So, whenever you have to submit sensitive financial information to buy anything, you do it on the provider's website, not TravelToro.

- So, whenever I get from TT to a provider's site to buy a tour, do I get the best deal?

Exactly. In any case, you don't pay anything to TravelToro, there's no mark-up. You pay to an original provider a provider's price. We don't have any influence on the price whatsoever. We can't and don't want to. We want you to get the best deal. Period.

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