3 Simple Reasons to Use TravelToro

Looking for unforgettable local experiences is often frustrating and time consuming. We can help!

Save time and money

Compare thousands of amazing travel experiences from the top tour operators and pick exactly what you want without a hassle of browsing numerous travel websites.

Discover new experiences

Browse numerous exciting activities, sightseeing and adventure tours. Try new activities you’ve never even heard about before, see and do more that you could ever imagine.

Avoid unnecessary risks

We display guided tours and activities provided only by large and highly reputable tour operators.

How TravelToro helps you

We remove a hassle of looking for guided travel experiences all over Internet.


We aggregate travel experiences from the world’s top tour operators.


We remove all duplicate, overpriced, and just plain boring experiences.


We catalog all experiences so you can easily find what you want.

Check out what travelers like you say about us

Fulvia Sanchez Tonsetich, USA

“My adrenaline goes up just going through the TraveToro's pages! The site's layout is fun and most importantly informative, ideal for that last minute adventurous Escapade! You know what I mean... :-)”

Fulvia Sanchez Tonsetich, USA
Martin Ostrovsky, Canada

“My girlfriend and I were in Belize and were looking for some adventure. We did a quick search on TravelToro and found an awesome ziplining and cave tubing trip. Now I always check with TravelToro first before I travel.”

Martin Ostrovsky, Canada
Henri Vies, Belgium

“Great site! It’s the only option on the web to get to know real new things to do. The layout is very clear and makes it very easy to browse for things to do. If you are into travelling and trying new things this is your page, tons of sports and activities you would have NEVER heard about! For once they made something thats doesn’t exclude any type of travelling, you can find stuff for all tastes.”

Henri Vies, Belgium

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